Vale help to “Remember” – by breaking world record!

Vale Press were really pleased to be involved in sponsoring the “Human Poppy” event in Cirencester on Remembrance Sunday, November 11th – the 100th anniversary of the armistice.

We helped to “get the ball rolling” a few months ago by printing the introductory   programme; sponsoring the Zone Boards signage used on the day and providing consultancy for the world record breaking event.

On Sunday 3300 people formed a “human poppy” by wearing coloured ponchos to create a sea of red, green and black. Each poncho represented someone who gave the life in WW1 from the Cotswolds.

The event was covered by national media including the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Express, Sun and Mirror.

A truly fitting way to “Remember”.

Congratulations and thanks to all involved – those who organised it and those who attended.

Please consider printing locally with the Cotswold’s local printer,  Vale Press and see our local communities benefit even more – we have fifty staff at your service running some of the world’s finest printing presses.

A New Home for “Lepus” the Hare!

For over 20 years the logo of Vale Press has been a hare.

It represented our rural heritage; our environmentally green credentials and the need, in the fast-moving world of print, to move swiftly. (And where it also helps to have near 360 degree vision!).

Vale Press were, therefore, proud to sponsor the 2017 Cotswold Hare Trail – which culminated in Friday evening’s auction of this year’s 5ft high painted hares.

We were delighted to win the bid for one of the hares which helped raise money to support the National Star College, Ullenwood, Nr Cheltenham, who do brilliant work with young people with severe and complex disabilities.

“Lepus” was designed by students of Cirencester College and includes small neon studded lights to represent several constellations of stars – including “Lepus” (The Hare).

Having spent the summer in St. John’s Parish Church, Cirencester, “Lepus” is now en route to a permanent new home at Vale Press.

Here is “Lepus” with Florence Beetlestone, the inspirational genius behind the Hare Trail, and Paul Martin (of Flog It! fame) who acted as auctioneer for the evening raising several tens of thousands of pounds for charity.


70,000 Lego bricks to celebrate 900 years!

Vale Press is proud to be a sponsor of the 2017 Cirencester Abbey 900 festival. Vale Press handles the printing of literature and promotional material at a specially discounted charity rate and is delighted to be associated with a programme of events that will cater for all ages of our communities.

2017 is the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Augustinian Abbey in 1117 by King Henry 1st, which marked the beginning of the cultural and economic success of Cirencester and the wider Cotswolds, which continues to this day.

A group of likeminded people from all walks of the community including businesses, the voluntary sector, the arts community, the church and local people have got together to create a year long festival of over 50 events to celebrate the town’s history and to express their enthusiasm and confidence for the future of Cirencester and the Cotswolds.

The flagship fundraising event of the festival is the building of a Lego model of the Abbey using 70,000 sponsored bricks.

An incredibly varied programme of events will shortly be published, with more to be added during the year. Look out locally for copies soon – printed, of course, by Vale Press!